My Undergrad Chapter

The pale green building 8-storey building stood alone amidst the chaos. The busy street bustled with cars and buses which spewed toxic fumes every minute and coated the building with a thin layer of dust.  This is where I spent four years of my life, parts of which are truly memorable.

Does it come as a surprise that it was the small things which are permanently imprinted in my memory? The kachori-wala for instance, stood at the entrance to the building (just a muddy patch of paved pathway) , everyday, rain or shine, with truly mouth-watering kachoris that I still dream of. The experience of being in classrooms with monkeys entering through windows, much to the anguish and exasperation of the lecturers, can only be gained at this place. The perilous route to the yearly tuition payment , which involved standing in a 10 sq foot room with 150 other people trying to thrust bills into the hands of one overworked cashier is truly one of a kind. Bangalore Institute of Technology was one great roller coaster ride , albeit a relatively smooth one.
I was truly wonder struck by the Mechanical lab which allowed me to carve and weld 2 pieces of metal together! (whoever thought that we would get to do it!) I was all for it and wanted to do it faster and better than anyone else 😛 As we entered the machines lab filled with the whirring sound of motors and generators, we stood ,blank faced as the lecturer explained the physics of the machines. We knew what the next day had in store for us- more last minute copying from that lifesaver Record book. And of course we breezed through the lab vivas by blurting out everything we could recall, make up or vaguely remember hearing. The same went for the written exams too, with the only exception being- they were painfully longer by 2.5 hrs.
The walk to the bustop was anything but ordinary. The ones who never experienced the sights and splendor of Kalasipalya would describe it as an unkempt place, unswept, raw ,mundane at best. To me it was anything but this. The slush filled roads and the traffic that passed by alarmingly close was not to be a deterrent for some of the city’s best street food vendors. I  had my first eggs-sunny- side- up right here. Sweets from all over the country could be found here, and I credit Prakhar for discovering these little delightful shops. I dare mention that he did end up visiting these shops everyday. The night air was filled with the aromas of dosas,voices speaking various languages and the comforting sounds of small city in itself, bursting with life.

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